Companies and Individuals I work with that are currently OPEN and WORKING. Please email me to discuss how we're making projects remotely. I have solutions for all budgets. 



Production and Design Studio. Can handle any/all types of Post. Stock + Magic, Design + Animation, CGI and more. Check out remote capabilities HERE


Full service Tabletop & Lifestyle Director Duo with incredible Art Direction and post capabilities. Ready to do remote shoots. Own stage and equipment and can share a live camera feed to anywhere in the world.  See how they do it HERE.



Fully operational in a remote capacity. Can turn any live action script into CG or 2D Character Animation. Remote capabilities HERE.


Full Service Digital Creative Marketing Agency with an emphasis on Editorial. Fishbowl partners with film studios and tech companies to make marketing assets across all platforms. 

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We are an art studio; a secret agency; a place to be. We create moving images that move people, for fun or for serious. And every creation is one-of-a-kind, because if we made the same stuff everyday, we wouldn’t like doing it so much. We are humble, but amazing. We are strong work ethicists, but not for the weak end. We are here for you, and us. We are STATE.


Clyde Fox by Vega

 Artist and Creative Director, Carlo Vega, shows off his unique style for both the galleries and the brands. Having been working with remote teams around the world since 2007, no creative or team is more equipped for this moment. Be sure to also check out his personal work HERE.  

Quirky, fun, humorous, art directed mixed media including stop motion, miniatures, and cel animation all done in the comfort of their own studio.


Visual Artist and Studio specializing in Design, CG particle animation and mixed media creation.


Kuhl & Hahn

Clean, sophisticated, Danish design perfect for high-end product or fashion spots. 

One Crew

Sometimes One Crew is all you need. Tom Green is Creative Director, Designer, Animator. Has been working 100% remote for the last 5 years servicing many brands, agencies and all the best design studios. 




Influencer/Creator with Studio - Photographer, Director, Choreographer. Photo studio ready with all equipment to pump out photos and social videos. Also collaborates with designers and other artists to make marketing assets .  

Sebastien Zanella

Influencer/Creator- No one captures emotion and feeling in a still or moving image better than Seb. He is available to do solo video or still shoots in and around his home in the south of France. Could be a perfect solution for those in need of some fresh social content.

Denver McQuaid

Influencer/Creator - Otherwise known as the Digital Magician, Denver creates in-camera illusions for digital and social marketing platforms. He has over 100k followers on both Tik Tok and Instagram.  See Denver's capabilities HERE.


Music and Sound Design that is built on a remote platform. Combustion works with the most talented directors and visual artists I know to create amazing sounds. 



We focus on the craft, tailoring our approach around every project. From worldwide campaigns, to audio mnemonics, Combustion continues to push forward with music & sound, avoiding clichés, relying on savviness, passion and mastery. Our network of composers and musicians all have remote capabilities so there isn’t a sound in the world we can’t find.

They are Aesthetes of Sound.