Companies and Individuals I work with that are currently OPEN and WORKING. Please email me to discuss how we're making projects remotely. I have solutions for all budgets. 



Multi. Dimensional. Makers.

Motion / Stills / Creative Direction / UGC

Celebrity, Fashion, Music, Social

Writer / Director

Narrative, Docu, Sports

Director / DP

Narrative, Lifestyle, Fashion

Director / Stills / Designer / Editor

Sports, Docu, Narrative

Motion / Stills / Choreography / UGC / Dancer

Fashion, Dance, Social Influencer

Director, Creative Director

In-Camera VFX, Table Top, Music Video

Social Illusionist / Tik Tok  Influencer /  UGC

VFX, Mograph and all kinds of camera trickery.


Fashion, Auto, Lifestyle, Period Pieces

Tabletop Director / DP Duo

Food, Lifestyle, Creative Direction, Animation

Director / Editor / Pro Skiier

Outdoor, Sports, Docu

Motion / Stills / Skater / UGC

Fashion, Lifestyle, Emotion


Motion. Still. Mixed Media.


Design / Animation / Art Direction

Live Action, Stop Motion, Miniatures, Cel Animation

Creative Direction

Design / Animation / CG

 Director / Visual Artist 

Live Action, 3D Design, Music Video

Director / Visual Artist

Live Action + Art Direction, 3D Design, VFX

Director / Visual Artist

Live Action + Art Direction, 3D Design, VFX

Creative Direction

Design / Animation / CG / Studio

Director / Visual Artist

Character Animation, 3D Design, VFX

Visual Artist

Director / Visual Artist

3D Design, CG, VFX, Particle Sims