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Maker of Cool Shit


Executive Producer/Consultant

Versed in Live Action, 3D Design/Animation, VFX and Post Production; I can pitch, bid and produce anything and everything anywhere in the world.


Talent Agent & Curator

My judgement is only as good as the talent that surrounds me. And, I have been lucky to work with some amazing talent in my career. Now it's time for me to give back. I serve independent artists and directors as their agent, sales rep, executive producer, creative partner, negotiator, art curator, brand marketer, connection maker, post-it note taker, drinking partner, cohort, consiglieri and whatever else they may need along the way. It's a team concept...a partnership, which all sides need to be all-in, and most importantly, be prepared to go after and execute the best work out there.




Sales and Marketing Focused

A purveyor of strong relationships, I am connected to production cos, design cos, and creative individuals of all sorts from all around the world. My skill and true gift is pairing people and projects for the most incredible result.





"If you're still making boomerangs you're already extinct."


I have seen just about everything in my 20 year career as an Executive Producer and Business Development Lead in the commercial production world. Working in the trenches in live action, design, vfx and experiential has traveled me around the globe working with some of world’s best creatives on some of the world’s biggest brands. 


I may hail from the beaches of Del Mar but by no means do i have a kickback attitude. I worked tirelessly starting in my days at Chico State University continuously producing, directing and acting in films until I realized that creating opportunities was the path for me. 


From getting my first gig as an Assistant to Producer/Director on a feature length film to holding positions as EP and MD at large production companies, I can confidently say I have worked my way up and through every position imaginable. With hard work I drove myself to be the very best at whatever position I was holding at the time. 


My favorite projects are those that involve a combination of live action storytelling mixed with design and/or vfx. The bigger the challenge the stronger the buzz.


Currently I am working as an Independent connector bringing Brands to Artists and Artists to Brands. When Im not doing that, my passion for fashion, fatherhood and sometimes being ridiculous shouldn’t go unmentioned as they are all parts of my daily life. 


Looking forward to collaborating.